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Sharpeners & Erasers

Brand: Deli Model: 0620
Transparent Container That Keeps Pencil Waste sharp Blade Metal Sharpener..
AED 33.00
Brand: Deli Model: 0620
Alloy Metal BladeABS Plastic Material GPPS Plastic Material For Waste Box                                                               ..
AED 27.15
Brand: Deli Model: R00903
Precise Blade Position Avoid Lead BreakingMaterial-ABS ,TPE Steel Size-8mm48Piece..
AED 42.00
Brand: Deli Model: 693505397614
Material-Aluminum Alloy ,Stainless Steel  Dimension-25x14.5x10mm    Size-7mm                                                           ..
AED 1.00
Brand: Deli Model: 629B
Avoid Lead Breaking   Smooth Sharpening   Constructed Superior Grade Material..
AED 22.00
Brand: Deli Model: H00210
PVC Free   Dimension-54x20x10mm   20-Piece..
AED 16.00
Brand: Faber Castell Model: SA-9556089005265
Break ResistantDust Roll TogetherColor -Black..
AED 5.50
Brand: Faber Castell Model: FA2270T1GBYGCNAFAMZ
Extra SoftComfort Edge Dust Roll Together..
AED 9.35
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